Bumper repairs


Our bumper repair service is focused on removing those annoying bumper scratches and scuffs as well as more sever bumper dents & bumper cracks by using SPECIALISED REPAIR PROCEDURES in a fraction of the time of the traditional panel shops.

2-3 hours would be a typical repair time.

The fact that we are a mobile dent and scratch repair service we offer CONVENIENCE TO YOU the customer and lower prices is our greatest advantage over the traditional panel shops.

Have you got a car bumper that needs to be repaired?

Make sure you read about our mobile bumper repairs before you get a quote through insurance or visit a body shop. Bumper repairs are definitely the most frequent repairs because at times it can be difficult to judge the amount of space at the corners of your car or someone else may have scratched your bumper in car park.

Usually car bumper repairs are not that strong because newer car bumpers are made with plastic because of the cost to replace given they get damaged a lot.

Can your car Bumper be repaired?

Call our specialised team to get a free quote & we can let you know the best solution to get your car bumper repaired. We experience an extremely high rate of quality repairs with bumper dents and bumper scratches and in most cases depending on the impact it’s a lot cheaper than getting a brand new bumper or paying the excess for insurance.

How much does fixing a car bumper cost?

Fixing a car bumper varies in price depending on the panels that have been damaged, the age of your car and the thickness of paint. If we need to repair the paintwork there is an added investment to get the car back to new but if it’s just a bumper dent it’s usually a few hundred dollars.


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